Support for parents and businesses with the Childcare Choices toolkit

From HMRC:

We want to make sure households are aware of the government support available to them, and this includes help with childcare costs. 

You can help more families by promoting Childcare Choices, a webpage where families can easily find out which offers they are eligible for from 30 hours to £2,000 off childcare costs per child, each year. 

Government support is not limited to just nurseries and childminders – it can be used for breakfast or after-school clubs, holiday and activity clubs and more. It could help parents and carers to stay in work, work more hours or reduce the cost of their childcare. The Childcare Parent Communications Toolkit has assets and messaging to help you promote these offers. 

Childcare providers could also boost their business by becoming available to families who use government childcare support. The Childcare Providers Information and Communications Toolkit contains a step-by-step guide to help businesses do this. 

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