Tell HMRC if your circumstances change

Please see the message below from HMRC Comms colleagues


A video was issued on YouTube in summer 2022 promoting the HMRC app and advising individuals why and how to notify HMRC if they have a change of personal or business circumstances: How can I update my personal details on the HMRC app?


This is a reminder to keep your tax records up to date. We would be very grateful if you could support this message:


Tell HMRC if your circumstances change


HMRC requires you to tell us of any changes to your personal or business circumstances. 


This is so your tax records remain up to date and we can make sure you get the right information about your tax affairs. 


If your name, address or personal details have changed, you need to tell HMRC via You can also notify us, and check your details are correct, on the HMRC app by opening a personal tax account. Download the app today on iOS or Android. 


If your business address or details have changed, for example you may no longer be self-employed or your business may have closed, you need to tell HMRC via 

You also need to tell us about certain income changes, relationship or family changes, and if you are planning to leave the UK. For more information visit   


It is your responsibility to tell us; if you don’t you could still incur fines and penalties after your business has stopped trading.

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