Lunch party for 25

Lamb tajine (adjust ingredients for 2kg lamb).

Fish curry


Apple cake.

Pear and frangipane desserts.

Baked fruit salad. 


Day 1.

Weigh for apple cake, chop dates and nuts.

Weigh for frangipane.

Lay tables.


Day 2.

Make apple cake.

Make fruit salad and chill.

Prepare vegetables for tajine, curry and butternut squash galette.

Gather crockery.


Day 3.

Defrost fish.


Prep curry sauce.

Prep tajine and put in oven.

Put fruit salad in oven.


Big Day.

Make individual pear and frangipane desserts.

Make and bake butternut squash galette.

Heat curry sauce and poach fish and vegetables.

Cook rice.

Keep everything warm and heat plates.

Remove tajine and fruit salad from oven.

Serve and relax!

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