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Great audience.

The small stock of books was snapped up this week.   Speaking to the Stokes Bay WI was utter pleasure as their huge membership produced an

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Christmas is coming!

Congratulations to the young blind black woman who has just become a barrister.   Now she needs a set of Chambers to take her on as

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French cuisine.

The talk at Southampton’s St Mary’s Stadium, a cooking demo, plus a short trip to France have kept me busy for the last few weeks. France was

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Cheap as chips.

Bread and butter boards seem to be the latest food fad.  Dipping bread in oils at the restaurant table is being overtaken by “butter boards”:

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Kitchen tips.

This week’s speaking engagement is at St Mary’s Stadium in Southampton – the home to the “Saints” football club.   Visually impaired people from all over

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Summer Harvest 3.

Listening to the committal of HM the Queen, I remember St George’s Chapel at Windsor from several conferences at Windsor.   One could visit the Chapel

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