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Summer Harvest 2.

Bottling is the order of the day: tomatoes, damsons and even green beans!   Tomatoes are easy: wash, remove stalks, cut in half, pack tightly into

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Summer harvests.

Our home-grown cucumbers and tomatoes are coming thick and fast to feature in the latest cooking demonstration of classic Mediterranean recipes: ratatouille and a chilled

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I don’t often get incensed but was listening to a glibly naïve and patronising piece on the BBC Radio 4 “Today” programme about the million

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Great summer read.

I spent three very happy years in Naples, Italy, as the newest Women’s Royal naval Service Officer (WRNS) around the time of the 1980 earthquake.  

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Looking for new audiences.

Officially on the “Speaker Circuit” this week (see the #YesSheCan website).   I’ve loved being in front of an audience all my life: from the Angel Gabriel and

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Should I give up?

I’ve been working in the disability field for over 20 years ( but a recent study shows that nothing has substantially changed! The excellent and

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Worshipful Company.

The Baking Blind mission has always been to showcase the work ambitions and aspirations, competences, and capabilities of people with disabilities. Too often we face

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