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The book, A Cook’s Tour, describes near-disaster cooking Professional MasterChef Champion Steven Edwards’ honey cake and how I managed to make every surface in the

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Blind Designer

Super-moist boiled fruit cake free demonstration 1030 Monday 11 July.   Register at: Even blind people can design buildings: three house extensions, a house façade

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National and International Themes

Following publication of the globe-trotting recipe book I’ve been nominated for the National Diversity Awards (lifetime achievement) I can share this apparent accolade

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Reward for Great Escape.

The Baking Blind book has some great chocolate recipes (the easiest French mousse; a wickedly indulgent Australian “mud cake”).   Next week’s free on-line demo

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Chocolate treats

Calling all cooks (sighted or not).   The next on-line demo on Monday 13 June at 1030 is wickedly featuring chocolate: a vegan cake and indulgent

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World Baking Day 17 May 2022

A special day for sharing the book launch video and refining the Brownie recipe ready for the next on-line demo.   Did you try anything

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Little things….

It must be over a year since the essential plate warmer on my venerable and near-vintage cooker gave up the ghost.   Of course, in this

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